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Q-TECH is a g Service provider of engineered services and products primarily to the oil and gas industry, with a focus on Specialist PWHT Services.

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Q-TECH offerings include Advanced Post Weld Heat Treastment, non-destructive testing and inspection.

Maximize the life of your process equipment. Temper the metal and reduces tensile stresses,minimizing the risk of brittle fracture, stress and corrosion cracking and metal fatigue.Ensure the structural integrity of the vessel or unit during treatment. Remove both free and chemically held water to minimize spalling and cracking. Prevent formation of thermal stresses that could weaken the refractory.Minimize the potential for slip plane.Assure cross-sectional ceramic bonding for exceptional refractory campaign life.

The traditional low-voltage Electrical Resistance method of heat treating uses ceramic blankets stepped down to 80 volts to provide a quick and convenient approach to many jobs, particularly preheat and PWHT. Most electrical resistance heat treating is performed either with the TEAM 6-way control console or the TEAM 18-way mobile rig.


Our Services

Our services include mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & controls, embedded engineering for equipment, manufacturing plants, transportation and mobility.

Line Thawing and Melt-out

Team electrical resistance heating gets frozen lines flowing again quickly, and keeps them flowing until your plant’s steam tracing system is working again.For foundries that lose a heat source, our combustion services can melt out anything from zinc to steel, 800°F (427°C) to 3,000°F (1,649°C). Continue Reading

Welding Preheat

Advanced automated systems control and document welding preheat to reduce thermal stress in three primary ways. First, it drives off moisture that would release hydrogen that could penetrate the steel and cause porosity and subsequent cracking. Continue Reading

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